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Leonardo DiCaprio gets attacked by a penguin during a trip to Antarctica in 2006

Leonardo DiCaprio - Esquire photographed by Max Vadukul, May 2013



Happy 39th Birthday, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio! (November 11th, 1974)

"He has that timeless quality about him, like a Jack Nicholson or an Al Pacino. He’s going to be a movie star forever." Christopher Nolan


I’m looking to you bitch 

Leonardo DiCaprio - Esquire photographed by Max Vadukul, May 2013

Leonardo Dicaprio for Esquire, May 2013

Interviewer: Gatsby is a great American novel. Romeo and Juliet is a great love story. Same director taking an interesting take on each. Young Leo and now, um…

Leonardo DiCaprio for Esquire, May 2013

“From 1964-1967, I successfully impersonated an airline pilot for Pan Am airways, and I flew over two million miles for free. During that time, I was also the chief resident pediatrician at a Georgia hospital and an assistant attorney general for the state of Louisiana. By the time I was caught, I was considered the youngest and most daring con-man in US history. I had cashed almost four million dollars in fraudulent checks in twenty-six foreign countries and all fifty states. And I did it all before my nineteenth birthday. My name is Frank William Abagnale.”